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ANDA was born out of a desire to showcase Tanzania’s beauty. We wanted to be different from the traditional tour companies that were too packaged and too generic. Every single adventure we provide, whether that's climbing the heights of Kilimanjaro or out with one of our eagle-eyed guides on safari, is tailored and uniquely crafted for our clients. We spend the extra effort to get to know people who come as visitors but leave as Family.

As a social enterprise we are passionate about leaving a positive imprint in the country with our Adventures with Purpose - integrating positive social impact with our packages. We care not only about our visitors, the people that work with us, but also the awe inspiring environment, the majestic animals and the communities we belong to. In addition, we've spent time going to the places ourselves to make sure that what you're going to get is in line with what you want, and we have an unparalleled support team to make sure that your visit here will go as smoothly as possible. Contact us to get started with planning your trip to Tanzania.

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