Experience the majestic grandeur of the Serengeti and spot the Big 5 with our eagle-eyed guides. Combine it with a beautiful walking safari while taking in the UNESCO heritage site of Ngorongoro Crater.

ALL of our safaris are completely tailored and created to make sure that your wants and needs are met. We pride ourselves on creating a specialized experience that fits your budget, your time-frame and allows you to see exactly what you want to see.

How to Plan and What to Consider

There are many things to consider when planning your safari, but there are five key concerns:

  1. Length of Trip
  2. Budget
  3. Accomodation
  4. Activities
  5. Time of Year

We’ve added some examples itineraries for you to consider below this list, but the best idea is to contact us to know what all the activities and options are. We specialize in tailor-made trips, so are used to working wonders.

1. Length of Trip

How many days do you have? We have packages that range from day trips to as long as you could possibly imagine! However, our recommendation is that if you want to see the Northern Circuit loop (which means the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater) minimally give it 5 days. One of our favorite Adventures is our “Socially Conscious Safari” which is 8 days and takes you through a slightly less travelled path while learning about community development initiatives as well.

2. Budget

Are you thinking of something Cheap and Cheerful such as public campsites, or something more mid-range or perhaps you want to go all out for a Luxurious trip of a lifetime? Regardless of price point – we make sure that all our Adventurers are comfortable.

3. Accomodation Type

What kind of place would you like to stay? Regardless of what you chose, all our recommendations are wonderful, great reviews and we’ve made sure to visit and stay at each one.

Public Camping

  • With your own personal Wildlife Guide and Chef – this classic adventure brings you closest to nature. We provide all camping gears, set everything up and you still get to enjoy 3 course meals daily! For our safaris we use our “Presidential Tents” – Extra-large tents that tall men can easily stand in.

Budget Lodges and Hostels

  • Basic accommodations that are clean and safe. Ranges from private rooms with en-suite bathrooms to shared hostel rooms.

Hotels and Lodges

  • From 3 ★ to 5 ★, feel free to specify things and wish lists like outdoor showers, pools, and all-inclusive places.

Luxury Tented Camps

  • This is the quintessential Out of Africa experience. Close to nature, hearing the wild but enclosed with the creature comforts of tented lounges, bars and your own en-suite bathrooms. Also comes in a range from more modest, fairly simple, yet super comfortable tented camps to ones that have their own private splash pool (that’s right…even in the middle of the Serengeti!)

4. Activities

This is the additional area we set ourselves apart. Beyond just the typical game drives, we seamlessly integrate additional activities that gives you a more robust and unforgettable safari experience. It’s the added extras that really separates us from the rest. We’re happy to discuss more about what is available once we get to understand what kind of safari experience you are looking for. Some options include:

Cultural Tourism

  • Masaai Boma - The famous nomadic tribe that has sgronly retained its culture
  • Hadzabe - One of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in the world
  • Datoga - Famous for their blacksmithing

Out in the Wild

  • Walking Safari - with an Armed Ranger and Guide
  • Mto Wa Mbu - Biking/Canoeing

Go Deeper

  • Oldupai/Olduvai - Satisfy the paleontologist in you
  • Hot Air Baloon - Majestic and unforgettable
  • Coffee Tour/Waterfall - Caffeinate and then chill out
  • Community Development/NGOs - We are deeply commited to improving the lives of the local community with initiatives we support

5. When? Which time of the Year/Season?

High Season
(June – October)

  • Generally considered the “Dry Season”
  • This is the most popular time of the year
  • Great Wilderbeest Migration in full force
  • Best Time for animal spotting (as foliage is spare with better views of animals congregating around water sources)

Shoulder Season
(November – February)

  • Hotter weather from December through to February
  • There are short rain falls and seasonal trade winds
  • Holiday prices generally in effect mid-Dec to mid-January
  • We recommend the Ndutu area where the animals give birth to their young

Low Season
(late March – May)

  • Periodic heavy rains may cause transportation issues
  • Lower price with specials to attract customers
  • Flora is lush and beautiful. Fauna can get soggy.

Sample Itineraries

To get you started with some ideas here are osm eo four favourite itineraries. Every single one can be shortened, lengthened, upgraded, or simplified. And because we specialize in tailor-made safaris, you have every single flexibility possible - Our departures are daily and it’s all based on your wants and needs.

Inspired? Great! Contact us to get started with some questions and a rough outline of when, how long, what you want to do, and how much you think it’ll take.